Our Team

We, at YO|YOGA, absolutely love Yoga! And we take pride in distributing and presenting high quality and sustainable yoga products for Europe.

We focus on serving individuals, yoga stores, studios and online shops with outstanding customer care and great pleasure. We love what we have been doing since 2008!

We're the official European Distributor of JadeYoga, presenter of BlooM yoga bags, Prolana meditation gears, CARRY bottles, Forrest & Love bottles and Mache yoga storage tubes.

Our represented brands are hand-picked and we believe 100% in the quality of those brands and products.


YO|YOGA as a company is based in the beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland, where the yoga scene is vibrant and omni-present.

While we are based in Switzerland, all our European orders are delivered from our warehouse in the Netherlands and our Euro bank account is also located in the European Union, so you can order from us comfortably without worrying about custom issues. 


Meet us at namaste(at)jadeyoga.eu, we’re happy to be at your service.

P.S. Find out why we use the word "Namaste" as our email sender!

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